Facebook ads & AdWords for small businesses

Increase your sales & revenue with someone over 5,000+ Facebook ad and AdWords campaigns experience.  

In 2017, I helped small businesses in the US and Thailand generate over $750,000+ in revenue.

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* Ad management services range from $249 – $997. No hidden fees. 

Clients who have trusted me over the years

These are some of the clients that have worked and trusted me over the years – from 1,200+ clients in USA & Thailand. 

Recent results I've got for clients

I don’t want to just claim about what I can do – I want to show you results that I have got for my clients in the last 6 months 

Facebook Like Campaign ($0.006/like)

Client came in wanting to increase fan page likes from his local potential clients and had a budget to pay not over $0.50/like

We worked hard and got him 48,557 likes for $0.006 a pop

Client was super delighted! 

App Install Campaign ($0.07/install)

Client is a big Android gaming app company and client had a budget of $1,000 to get 5,000 app installs. 

We spent 5 days researching about the target audience and came up with a plan. 

Within 17 days, we were able to get 7,948 app installs for just $0.07, spending only $556.36 on the whole campaign. 

Client had $443.64 at the end of the campaign. 

Laser-Targeted Traffic Campaign  ($0.06/visit)

Client switched from a very popular Facebook ads management company to us in November, 2017. 

The client was paying over $1 per targeted visit from Facebook and they believed it was too expensive. 

They came to us for help and within 1 month, we managed to drive down the cost to $0.06/visit. 

Client saved astronomical amount of money and run 4x the budget they were running before.  

* Ad management services range from $249 – $997. No hidden fees.